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RSS citacka do vasho IP Boxu
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Autor:  markeye [ 19.Únor 2008 - 2:33 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  RSS citacka do vasho IP Boxu

RSS citacku som original stiahol cez all in one panel - IPK - feed Plugins.
Bohuzial tato citacka nepodporuje diakritiku, ale riesenim je nahradenie suborov s tymi co su prilozene nizsie v RSS.zip. (inak RSS citacku spustite zltym tlacidlom na vasom DO). Mozno staci nakopirovat prilozene subory a netreba nic stahovat z netu? Treba vyskusat.

Takze - /var/tuxbox/plugins/ - nakopirovat rss.so a rss.cfg

/var/tuxbox/config/ nakopirovat feeds.xml (tento subor obsahuje odkazy
na rss stranky).

Restart a nasledne zlte tlacidlo na DO.

Autor:  markeye [ 19.Únor 2008 - 2:38 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Re: RSS citacka do vasho IP Boxu

Este prikladam original komentar od autora upraveneho RSS pluginu.

RSS seems to become popular in more foreign countries than I thought. There was another wish to include Czech and only handling windows-125? encoding like 8859-? encoding was not enough anymore.

I completely rewrote the conversion from windows-1250..windows-1258 and koi8-r. 8859-? starts with special characters at 160 and windows-125? at 128 so there are more special characters in windows-encoding.

Here a quote from a Czech user from Canada:-)
1. Czech is absolutely perfect.
2. Bulgarian is absolutely perfect.
3. Russian is absolutely perfect.
4. The windows positioning is absolutely perfect

Because the window sizes where to small for me and to big for NTSC viewers I also use the tuxtext positions which can be set in the system settings for the gui. In order to get this to work needoffsets=1 must be set in the cfg-file.

Have fun Ralf

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