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 Předmět příspěvku: image - Neumo Team
PříspěvekOdeslal: 05.Srpen 2009 - 21:14 
Avatar uživatele

Registrován: 05.Únor 2007 - 16:38
Příspěvky: 17046
satelitni prijimac: vsetky
Místo/Bydliště: okr.Prievidza
Poděkoval: 15 krát
Poděkováno: 96 krát
Neumoteam 3.1.1-Pal-r3573 Cubecafé Prime
Klasicke - neenigmove image. Podla toho treba volit aj u-boot !!!
These are the release notes for the neumoteam 3.1.0 image. It has been 
a very long time since the last release. This is because much of the
internal code has been completely rewritten, specifically:
-channel changing
-recording, timeshift and trick play
-handling of popups
In addition many bugs have been fixed (see below).

Some important changes have not yet been implemented, such as
the handling of channel lists, and channel search but these will be
handled in a next release.

Be aware that some features that may be important to you, have been
(temporarily) removed or do not work. Please read the "Remaining issues"
list below before installing. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Also be aware that given the size of the changes, some undiscovered bugs
may still come to light. Also some bugs which are listed as "fixed" below
may have reappeared in the mean time.

The image should be considered beta-quality.

I. Files are now recorded in "multi-part MPEG" (mpm) format. This format
is new and consists of one directory per recording. The directory
contains one or more .mpg files, and an equal number of .idx files.

The mpg files can be played directly with mplayer and vlc. Audio
should work as well (whereas files converted from dgs2mpeg usually
have problems with audio). The .idx files contain information about
the location of i-frames and are needed during trick play.
During playback, the files are played back in alphabetical order.

A command like the following can play a .mpg file without first
transferring it to another computer:
mplayer ftp://relook:relook@relook.mynet/var/medi...22_14:53:33.mpg
The relook:relook part are the username and password to log in with ftp.

The following commands can be used to merge the parts of an mpm
file into a single mpg output file:
cd /var/media/video/Doctors-20080722-144500-00.mpm/
cat `ls -X 00_20080722_22\:*.mpg` > ../output.mpg
The file will be available as /var/media/video/output.mpg

The number of .mpg files in .mpm directory depends on how the recording
was made. For a scheduled recording the number will be small (e.g., 1)
and the files will be very big. For a recording started by pressing the
record button in live mode, there will be many files, each about 128 MBytes

B. The live buffer is no longer a ringbuffer consisting of a single file,
because that made it very difficult to extract a valid recording from
the live buffer. Because of this relook seemed to freeze for several
seconds wehne using this feature. This problem has been solved.

I. Relook now support overlapping recordings on the same channel. For
instance, suppose you want to record:
-program A. Das Erste 20:00 - 21:00
-program B. Das Erste 21:00 - 22:00
Suppose that you also want to start recording each program 5 minutes
before the official start and stop recording 5 minutes after the offical
end. The recoreded mpm files for program A and program B will now include
the data for the periods 19:55-21:05 and 20:55-22:05, respectively. This
does not cause any extra load on your hard disk because the common parts
of the recordings are "hard links" instead of copies.

I. The mpm format is much more efficient than the dgs fileformat. Typically
it requires only about 2/3 as much disk space. Since less data must be
streamed to disk, high loads (such as when playing back a file while
recording two channels) are less likely to cause problems such as

I. Relook is now capable of recording 3 channels, or recording 2
channels and watching one live or in timeshift mode. Because
relook has only two tuners, the channels must be located on
at most two transponders. Also, at most one encrypted channel
is allowed on each tuner.

This is an experimental feature **which is not enabled by default**.
If you wish to use it set max_channels_per_tuner=2 in the database
options. You have to take into account the following limitations:
-It is possible that you experience pixellation or other errors,
especially on high-bitrate channels. Turning smart epg off may
sometimes help in this case.
-relook will crash or malfunction if you try to view or record
more than one channel with the same video or audio pid (e.g.,
two versions of WDR during most of the day). This is due to a
limitation on the drivers that is currently not handled in the
main code.

I. Relook can play existing recordings in DGS file format,
but it cannot handle "fast forward/rewind" and "slow motion"
in this format.

Notes: The mpm format supports teletext and multiple subtitle recording
and playback, but this feature has not been well tested. Also, during playback
the recorded subtitle languages will be displayed as "unknown".

Note: In the future, the mpm format will also allow multiple audio languages
but currently this is not supported.

GUI changes
I. The banner type "full" now works differently than before.
It shows the currently playing program and the currently
viewed program (which may be different in timeshift mode).

I. The left and right buttons no longer show the names of previous and
next programs. They now implement timeshift functions: jumping forward and
backward in time by a fixed amount.

The Pg/up and Pg/down buttons can be used to change
the amount of time for this jump.

The "long" (press and hold) keys <<< and >>>, which used to jump forward
or backward in time have been removed. You can use the left and right
buttons instead. The reason for this change is that releasing
the <<< and >>> right keys at the correct time was too difficult and also
the <<< and >>> buttons are too small to easily find them in the dark

I. Epg data can now also be displayed in timeshift mode.

I. Live recording now works differently: a list of programs
covering the live buffer pops up. The user can select
which programs to record.

I. The list of recordings is now hierarchical: if you create subfolders
within /var/media/video and /var/media/radio and store recordings in
there, you will see the subfolders in the file list. There is currenly
no GUI support for creating folders and moving files into other folders.

B. Text appeared in the preview window in channel list. When "display program
name in channel list" option is on and the channel name is very long,
the program name exte nds into the live video window and corrupts the
display when scrolling.

B. Improved layout of help messages in favorite list. Icons are now all shown.

B. Many cosmetic changes turbokongen: some images have been changed.

I. Added Norwegian translations by turbokongen.

B. Help messages (wuth help by turbokongen). The help message buttons no
longer overlap with separator lines. The help messages for the virtual
keyboard have been fixed. The help images now correctly appear
in the lnb and usals menus.

B. radio background missing.

B. entering new pincode in "change password" dialog fails.

I. Make RCL key work in Program List mode.

I. Improved layout of the channel search window and the usals menu.

I. Indicate polarisation in frequency list in the "lnb setting"
and "channel search" windows.

I. Improved header of channel list (avoid overlapping text).

I. Sort satellites by position in channel search.
In case many satellites are available, sorting the channels
by position makes them easier to find.

B. In channel search, the right key did not work the first time.

I. More logical ordering of satellites in channel list popup.

B. Font data corruption due to non-thread-sage fonts/api.c
This problem occurred, e.g., when displaying the positioner
message simultaneously with another screen.

I. More information about the live channel is now displaued
in live banner.

B. Swedish subtitles appear on CANAL+/Thor when Norwegian is selected
as a preferred language.

B. Live subtitles (as on bbc news 24) are typed on two lines.
When the second line is full, it is copid to the first line
and a few seconds later overwritten by new data. At this point
the old data remained on screen, whereas it should disappear.

I. Subitles are now better synchronised with audio and video.

I. It is now possible to exit the teletext screen by pressing teletext key.

EPG related improvements
I. Experimental 7-day nagra guide epg for Dutch Canaal Digitaal service.
Turn it off (and re-enable mhwepg) for the Dutch Channels
using the following command:

echo "REPLACE INTO "NITEpgInfo" VALUES(NULL, 12515250, 1, 192, 'Canaal Digitaal Holland', 3, 0, 0, 0, NULL, 'dut', 120);" | sqlite3 /var/data/db.dat

You can turn nagraguide epg back on using the following command:

echo "REPLACE INTO "NITEpgInfo" VALUES(NULL, 12515250, 1, 192, 'Canaal Digitaal Holland', 2049, 0, 0, 0, NULL, 'dut', 120);" | sqlite3 /var/data/db.dat

I. mhwepg: support for canaal digitaal on 23.5E. This depends on an ugly
hack which only works if satellites are not renumbered.

Note: there seem to be some problems on Canaal Digitaal Holland: the epg
sometimes shows the wrong summary for some programs. It is not clear
if this is a bug in the sofware, but earlier images also have this problem

I. Freesat epg code has been implemented. This gives you 7 days worth of
epg on all channels which are part of freesat (including BBC, ITV, Five,
Channel 4, ...)

I. Reduced cpu time of the epg gathering code by avoiding constant
iconv open calls.

B. First recording after daylight savings time changeover failed unless
relook is rebooted after the changeover and before the recording.
The reason was that the micom clock is switched to winter or summer
time only after booting. This problem has been fixed. Note that the
front panel will still not display the correct time until relook
is rebooted, but at least the recording should start on time.

B. Various strings in channel epg and week and month names were not

B. EPG code went haywire in infinite loop when all transponders
have been scanned.

B. Prevent wide channel names from overlapping other parts of the
header of the channel epg window.

I. More efficient implementation of epg code. Uses less memory and is
faster. Detection of duplicate records is now less precise, which
means you may see some outdated records in the epg screens.

I. More efficient "coming next/primetime" in channel epg and improved
sorting of the results. The coming next and primetime records used to
be ordered by CH_ID, but this has no meaning to the user. Furthermore,
the code for these epg types was slow because very long query strings
were created (e.g., 8k long). The new code sorts epg records by
channel name in the same order as the channels are sorted in the channel
list and avoids creating very long query strings.

I. The grid epg now shows more data near the end of the timeline.

I. Faster grid epg.

Channel changing
I. Relook now detects changes in channel name automatically and by default.
If you don't like this behaviour, set the option update_channel_name
to off. This option can currently only be set in the database.

B. Channel changing fails often when the positioner must move.
Some failure causes have been removed and errors are handled
better (with retrying diseqc commands where possible)

B. Reduced number of crashes after entering/exiting usals, lnb
and channel search windows.

B. Fix pixellation issue after audio switching several times.
The problem could be seen on hotbird, 11034V on the channel "euronews
france". The problem occured after switching from the first language
to the second then to the tird and so on. By the time you reached
russian usually the problems started. The problem was related to
the large delay between audio packets of the same language.

I. Improved i2c code (partial backport from linux This is
an attempt to fix a problem related to the ibm iic bus which
causes access to the tuner to be disabled, typically after
sending diseqc commands to a moving dish. The problem has
not yet been solved.

I. Some delays in channel changing have been fixed.

Other new features and improvements

I. relook's clock can now be set from an ntp server. Activating
or deactivating this option requires a reboot (to be fixed);

I. Avoid some special characters in recorded file name

B. Database no longer gets overwritten first boot after installation.

B. Manual channel search now show current satellite as the default,
rather than the first one in the database.

B. Manual channel search sometimes starts on the wrong tuner.

New user options
Several new user options have been added. Most of these user options
can *not* be set using the menus right now, but you can cahnge them using
sqlite commands (or a future version of channel editor). For example,
login on relook and use a command like:
sqlite3 /var/data/db.dat
replace into options values ("preferred_tuner","tuner1");

update_channel_name: on off
If set, relook automatically updates the channel name in the database
when it has changed in the stream

preferred_tuner: smart tuner1 tuner2
This determines which tuner relook will choose for live viewing
or recording if there is any choice. The "smart" option is relevant
for those users with two dishes, one fixed and one with a positioner.
The "smart" option will use the fixed dish if possible.
NOTE: as a side effect of "smart" the epg code will typically use
the moving dish. Depending on the epg_may_move_dish option, the epg
code will either start moving the dish frequently (which you probably do
not want) or will not do much at all.

epg_mode: off smart_epg cam_update
This option can be set from the menu.
off: epg code is disabled
smart_epg: both tuners are used to gather as much epg data as possible
given other restrictions
cam_update: epg is only gathered on the live tuner and on the second
tuner if it is recording.

epg_may_move_dish: on off
The epg code will or will not attempt to move the positioner. This option is
only relevant when the user has more than one dish and the dish with
the positioner is not in use. Even when the option is "on", the epg code
will not move the dish while it is in use for live viewing or recording.

asic_clk: 9_00,0_84375,1_6875,3_375,4_50,6_75,9_00,t1,t2
This option is not new. It sets the asic clock speed to one of the possible
defined modes. It is best to leave this at the default value. If you
experience problems with some cam modules, experiment with diffenre settings.
Setting the clock speed too low may cause pixellation on some channels.

record_subtitles: on off
Include subitles in recordings or not. If the option is off, subtitles
will also not be available in timeshift mode.

preserve_timeshift_pvr: on off
If you are viewing a program in timeshift mode, and then change channels,
the old channel will continue to record the program in the timeshift buffer.
By pressing the recall button, the originally viewed channel will reappear
in timeshift mode at the time you left the channel.

max_channels_per_tuner: 1 2
Maximum number of channels that can be viewed/recorded on one tuner.

Remaining issues

The current code will crash when two channels with the samen video or audio
pid are viewed or recorded **on the same tuner**. This happend when
the option max_channels_per_tuner is set to two on e.g. the German
regional channels WDR when they are transmitting the same content.
For this reason the default value of max_channels_per_tuner is currently 1.

Time from sat does not work in this image (to be implemented).

This image does not support bookmarks.

This image does not support the subfeed button (which did not work
properly anyway)

Repeating recordings (daily, weekly, ...) are implemented but have not
been tested well.

Unreachable channels in the channel menu are displayed in grey. However the
coloring code is incorrect in the case you start more than two recordings
and may be incorrect in other cases as well. Press the "OK" button to see
if a recording starts or nor.

All plugins need small changes and recompilation. The modifications are
not difficult and have been performed for ts_rec, pong, sudoku, tetris, mp3,
and spectrum. You can download compiled versions from the svn server.

There is no good conversion software for converting old dgs style recordings
to the new format, but *it is possible* to play old recordings. The main
limitation is that trick play is not implemented, except for "pause",
"play" and "jump". That should be sufficient for normal viewing and navigating.

Automatic upgrading from an old database is not implemented. So you will
have to rescan all your channels. Be aware that channel scanning is still
a bit unreliable as in all older images.

u-boot pre klasicke , teda ja Neumo image :arrow: download/file.php?id=11216

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